Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Real Thing: "The Source of All Strength"

If you need some inspiration, watch and listen to Ronald Regan's 1981 speech at Notre Dame. Please note his comments on the proper limits on the state and his faith in the free activity of unconstrained individuals and institutions. Also consider his confidence that communism would be transcended and left behind. If only our present President had such an attitude about global terrorism. Sadly, he does not.

Visit The Ronald Reagan Foundation for more materials.

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Jeremy said...

He called America a "golden hope" for humanity.

Having been born in '79, I was very young during Regan's presidency. I was too young to be paying attention. However, the more I learn about him, and the more I watch his speeches, the more I am amazed. He was a man in love with the *idea* of America: the idea that all persons should be free to live self-determined lives--lives free of governmental intervention.

Oh how far we have come in two short decades. America stands on the brink of fascism, driven to that brink by our very own President. Obama is in love with an idea of his own. He is in love with the very idea that Regan warned us time and again would lead to our downfall.

These are unsettling times.