Saturday, April 11, 2009

Distortions of Christianity: Radio Appearance

I am slated to be on The Bible Answer Man radio program on April 13, near the beginning of the program, I believe. The topic is "Distortions of Christianity," based on my article of that name in the most recent Christian Research Journal.


Dave said...

Speaking of a distortion Christianity, you should ask Mr. Hanegraaf, "In light of 2 Corinthians 11:22-33, doesn't CRI's 'Christian Cruise' this summer seem rather silly?"

Steve Schuler said...

I just listened to the broadcast at the link you provided. For anyone who might like to hear Doug's segment, follow the link where you will see:

"Questions and Answers"
"Monday, April 13, 2009"

Select your preferred "Play Audio" button.

The interview with Doug begins at 21:00 minutes. Kick back and listen.

Doug- Although I am sure you do not need my compliment, I would like to offer one. You speak very well in this interview. You are clearly thoughtful, intelligent, and articulate. Your expression of the importance and role of apologetics for Christians is compelling. Your thoughts on the "hot button" issue of homosexuality are balanced and well considered. In short, as a person who is still outside of the faith, I think that in this interview you stand out, by my estimation, as a very good representative of Christianity. You done good, dude!