Saturday, April 25, 2009

Architectural Lingua

Artist Elayne Mosely has painted a wonderful new series called, "Architectural Lingua." Please visit her on-line gallery and try to see some of these paintings in person. I have seen one face-to- canvass, Ena Polutimon Margariten (A Pearl of Great Price), and it was stunningly beautiful.


Lisa said...

Thank you Dr. G for sharing these paintings…What an amazing body of works. The Architectural Lingua paintings to me are a visual representation of prayer! Wow!

Doug Groothuis said...

Indeed! If you can afford it, please consider purchasing something. The art-world has fallen on hard times with the recession.

C. Metcalfe said...

Do you have any idea how much these paintings are sold for? I saw that there will be some (I think) at the Denver Art Market in June, but I wondered if you might know. They are truly wonderful.