Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guiltless Home Theater

Here is a deep absurdity: the guiltless home theater. Go green while you rot your mind and spend thousands better spent or given elsewhere. Talk about missing the monster point right in front of your nose.

Here is novel concept: the home library.
Here is another: the home prayer room.


Paul said...

I have a home library and a home theater, but the home theater is the only room that potentially has guilt. Hum...

D. A. Armstrong said...

The guiltless home library would never be marketed because it is not green. It requires trees to be chopped down and turned into paper. Of course, one could argue that trees to paper locks up carbon keeping it out of the atmosphere. :)

As for the guiltless home prayer room, all Christian home prayer rooms are guiltless and quite possibly green. Personally, I find a great time of prayer in my backyard. It is certainly green especially in the spring and summer.