Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book Recommendations

Can any of my readers recommend a book that debates the various approaches to reforming health care and/or a book that defends a nonsocialized approach?


David said...

Thomas Sowell has a good and lengthy chapter on health care in his book, Applied Economics.

What'sizname said...

Don't know of a book but this months Imprimis from Hillsdale has a pretty article. The article is "A Prescription for American Health Care," by John Goodman.

winteryknightblog said...

Oh, I'm so glad you asked.

Sally C. Pipes has a great new book out that is recommended by Thomas Sowell.

The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care

Sowell's review:

Here is what I have in my office:

The Cure by David Gratzer
Who Killed Health Care by Regina Hertzlinger

D.C. Cramer said...

A book on a related theme:

Stephen Kiernan's Last Rights: Rescuing the End of Life from the Medical System.

Kiernan argues for more alternative forms of healthcare for the aging and dying.

Rudolf van der Berg said...

The OECD is one of the best sources of data on the healthcare systems of the first world

http://www.oecdobserver.org/ contains an enormous wealth of analysis

The Kaiser Foundation has an analysis that compares the US to the rest of the world

winteryknightblog said...

A book that just came out is recommended by Thomas Sowell, here.

The book is called "The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care", by Sally C. Pipes.

Other books I like are David Gratzer's "The Cure" and Regina Hertzlinger's "Who Killed Health Care?".

Chief said...

The Gurus, the Young Man and Elder Paisius by: Dionysius Farasiotis

The book is a true blessing to Christianity, difficult to put down as it reads like a novel.

The author makes his detailed confession of involvement with the ashrams and gurus of India.

He clearly shows his struggle on his path of repentance and return to the Risen Lord