Friday, April 17, 2009

Premillennialism and You!

International Conference on Historic PreMillenialism

Denver Seminary is pleased to host the International Conference on Historic PreMillennialism, April 23-25, 2009. The plenary speaker will be Dr. Craig Blomberg with sessions also provided by Dr. Sung Wook Chung, Dr. Bruce Demarest, Dr. Rick Hess, Dr. David Sang Bok Kim and Dr. Andrew Dearman. There is no charge for this conference but you must register online by April 20th. Please contact Melanie Eagar for more details -

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C. Metcalfe said...

Dr. Groothuis,

Thank you for posting this! I registered even though I may have to miss a couple of the speeches. I'm excited to hear some of these professors whose classes I hope to be attending next spring.