Thursday, April 30, 2009

Border Closing! Reaganitus on the Loose

The Obama administration refuses to close down the border with Mexico, even though a deadly swine flu coming into our country from there. A pandemic is possible. Let us think of another scenario.

A strange and menancing contagion is rapidly crossing the border from Mexico to the US. Hundreds are infected! It is called conservatism. Those infected see no nimbus around Obama's head, get no chills at his teleprompted oratory, do not accept his spin as truth, are hostile to big government, see terrorism as a real threat, want lower taxes to stimulate the economic, and lionize Ronald Reagan. Some are calling it Reaganitus.

Do you think Obama would close off the border then? I'm sure there would be an Executive Order in short order. The consevative pandemic must be stopped!

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Lisa said...

Before you buy into the histeria surrounding the news of the "swine flu epidemic" entering the U.S...I suggest you look up CDC record of the numbers of deaths that occur anually from influenza. Please take a moment to NOT get caught up in the hype!

Yes there was a "pandemic" that swept the world in the very early 1900's...(which actually was thought to be a form of viral pnumonia) but this is not the same thing! A lot of people die every year from the "flu"...and interestingly enough aren't there calls for more money to be thrown at this thing, because it is the big news maker, of course boosing advertising sales and increasing concernes about health care...People love a "good" horror show.

Just asking you to think about this for a minute.