Sunday, April 26, 2009

Marxism: Dead Wrong on Everything

I exhort, I implore, I enjoin you to read this cogent and incisive critique of Marxism, "What is Marxism." Line after line, he hammers home the falsity and stupidity of Marxism, the worst philosophy ever to be foisted on human beings.


Tom Gilson said...

From the article:

"Marxists and socialists in general care a lot about the distribution of material wealth. But they have no idea how to bring about the creation of the material wealth that they wish to redistribute. They just assume it all gets produced all by itself."I saw a flyer on a bulletin board when I was in college, posted by some socialist or communist group, I can't remember which one. It called on students to fight for higher wages, shorter working hours, and lower prices. I thought, "Hmm... they want us all to be able to buy more stuff, but they don't want anybody to have to make it! How does that work?"

I never thought of the answer until Plaut gave it here: it all gets produced by itself.

Ryan W. said...

I never thought of the answer until Plaut gave it here: it all gets produced by itself.Many hardcore socialists typically think management has little or no value and return on capital is wasted money that should go to workers, thus what you see as a contradiction. Marx's theories, in my poor understanding, basically state that; the value of a good is precisely equal to the value of the labor required to produce it.

Also, many socialists tend to underestimate the winnowing effect that a market has on bad or inefficient ideas, so one manager is as good as another.