Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Revelation from 1976: Lost

While attempting to clean up my office and make more room for books and writing, I found some notes I took on a plane trip from Anchorage, Alaska, back to Greeley, Colorado, where I attended my first year of college at University of Northern Colorado. It was in early January 4,1976, and about six months before I became a Christian. I had just turned nineteen. I wrote, "I've just gotten that bizarre spontaneously-occurring feeling of thinking in circles...It may stem from not having a firm base to look out and around from." The prose is less than stellar, but it reveals my sense of intellectual need. At that time, I was on a fast in order to try to find something beyond myself. I would later begin to study Eastern religions and philosophy more seriously.

Since becoming a Christian, I have labored to find "a firm base" for my worldview and my living in the world. Nearly my entire adult life has been committed to that end. I am convinced that Christianity is both the best way of life and a true and compelling worldview. May Christians reach those like me, who in 1976, are starting to realize that they are lost.

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Paul D. Adams said...

I wonder if your awareness of and apparent angst in that "bizarre spontaneously-occurring feeling of thinking in circles" was not an indicator that God's Spirit was moving in you, drawing you out of the cave and toward the light of the Gospel.

Sadly, most do not even know there is such a thing as "thinking in circles" and for those that do, it rarely poses a problem.