Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back to Jerusalem

Please watch this short video about the Back to Jerusalem Movement, based in China and inspired by the revival in China. Brother Yun speaks briefly.

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Steve Schuler said...


I watched the video you provided the link to. It was very interesting which stimulated my curiousity which landed me at a question and answer pages for the Back to Jersusalem movement. The questions page, which links to 2 answer pages, can be seen here:

I've got to say that the passion, committment and raw simplicity of the spokesperson's vision and expression of purpose are more than a little inspiring. He convincingly answers a question I have had about contemporary Christians having sufficient committment to face martyrdom. If this person is speaking truthfully, and I believe he is, it would seem that these Chinese missionaries are willing to and EXPECT to face every hardship including death to spread the Gospel. If the account is accurate it seems that not just a few fringe characters within the Chinese Christian movement are willing to undertake this most noble or mad mission but large portions of their congregations. I wonder if any mention of these courageous Christians will ever be uttered in a Joel Osteen sermon? Maybe not. While still struggling to establish Christianity in China these folks are mobilizing with minimal resources to go to the ends of the Earth. Pretty amazing! I am moved...