Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Happy Dream: The Day Television Died

There have been warnings on the radio by some bureaucratic big wig about the impending transition of all television to digital. Dire warnings are given that unless one takes the proper steps, television reception may be lost! That, of course, is unthinkable.

I have a happy dream (which to most is a nightmare). On that fateful day (whenever it is), all televisions will go blank--mysteriously and stubbornly. No big wigs will be able tell you how to bring them back. No web page will instruct you how to resuscitate them. They will go blank and stay blank indefinitely. Every television set will have met its match--finally.

Call it: The Day that Television Died.

What would people do then,
unplugged from the drug,
separated from the sensations,
outcasts from the images?

I have a happy dream...

1 comment:

Brian Miller said...

I too have that dream.

Hopefully it takes the internet, too.