Monday, November 10, 2008


God's words to Solomon:

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. --2 Chronicles 7:14.

Do we ever need that to happen today in America. Of course, we must take the verse in its context, which is not identical to our own. But the passion for restoration and humility should be our own. Moreover, we can hope for healing, based on the character of God.


Unknown said...

Yes, but we needed it before the recent election too and will likely need it after the next.

Note that 2Chron. 7:14 is the focus verse for an informal ministry called "PrayerPeaks" that practices intercessory prayer for our nation from the mountain tops of Colorado each July. See


a said...

I pray this prayer with you.

Steve Schuler said...

Are things really so much worse today (post November 4, 2008) than they were "yesterday"? Do you really believe that America has effectively comitted "suicide" by electing Barrack Hussein Obama as president? Yes, it seems that mankind is separated from God, separated from the realization of Christ's message to love and care for one another on this Earth. What astounds me is that someone of your intelligence has become so deeply ensconced in this right/left, God Loving/Godless dichotomy that is literally tearing this country apart. Is it possible that God "determined" that Obama would best serve His divine will to realize a better world?

I read an article today at the website "Talk to Action" which discusses this ugly and senseless demonization of liberals. It can be read at:

You may note that the same phenomena of demonization of the "Right" can be, and is, employed by folks who consider themselves to be on the "Left". I am sure that there are other articles at that same website that are less reasonable than Mr. Cocozzelli's. I do not regard myself as being firmly on the left or right as a matter of personal identity. I am somewhere off to the side in a world that is spherical, three dimensional, not clearly divided in a one dimensional division between right and left. I would rather be your friend than your enemy. In challenging you I hope to invite dialogue, to invite you to consider that the world we live in is much more complex than demagouges on either side of the aisle (a false dichotomy methinks) would have us believe.

Mike Aubrey said...

Dr. Groothuis,

I don't have any other way of pointing this article to you, but I know you will be interested:

Catholic bishops plan to forcefully confront Obama


Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...


I shouldn't have let you post here, because your post relates more to one that didn't allow posts, but since I'm so liberal, I'll let it go.

I have deep philosophical, theological, and political reasons for being outraged and horrified at the ideology of Obama and his democratic cohort. I have tried to make this clear through my posts and links, but it would be far better to have a discussion or to read a few books together.

The present platform of the dems and their leaders are atrocious, being committed to:

1. Statism, which is idolatry.
2. Pro-abortion extremism, costing even more millions of innocent human lives.
3. Inadequate national defense.
4. Economic catastrophe (increasing taxes during a recession).
5. Unrealistic energy proposals (forbiding new drilling in us, thus making us dependent indefinitely on foreign oil).

And so it goes, my friend.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

PS: I by no means view politics as the ultimate answer to the human condition. People can thrive as Christian even under terrible and represive conditions, as do Christians in China today. (Read The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun.) Yet politics and justice matters to God, since God is concerns with the proper ordering of our life togethre. Hence my concerns.

a said...

"I shouldn't have let you post here, because your post relates more to one that didn't allow posts, but since I'm so liberal, I'll let it go."

You are really funny Dr. Groothuis!, though I think Steve is correct to try and implement an appropriate level of nuance into the dialogue. Things cannot be boiled down into simple statements and your arguments give the appearence of lacking perspective.

Taxes have frequenly been raised during times of recession. (I assume that you mean federal income taxes). In AP Econ, which I took as a sophomore, this has happened under three republican presidents during economic correction since '33. It is a well known fact that this happened at one point under Reagan irrespective of his tax cuts.

Second, why is statism idolotry? And why does Obama represent statism? The difference between McCain and Obama is one of degree rather than kind. Independent think tanks actually argue that McCain had bigger government ambitions in mind. Thus, you might need to preface your argument with "In my opinion, based on the research of" with a citation that is up-to date and not pandering to old rumors by respected economists, when I've heard that every major economic publication endorsed Obama. That's just my advice. (I don't generally trust experts who know the issues, but it is a good starting place to dissent rather than to ignore them.)

Look, I'm prolife but demonizing the enemy isn't effective. It turns off moderates and makes people suspicious of one's ability to understand and articulate the issues. As part of my high school curriculum, I took a class on rhetoric from Bob Jones University and I learned about the importance of being gracious and arguing in other people's terms. I can point you to the class book if you are interested; I believe that it will make this blog into a place of fair dialogue and winsomeness if you implement these communication skills.

People can disagree, but it is important as Christians not to denigrate those with whom we disagree with. I find that praying every time before I write a post on my blog to speak with love and peace is very helpful.

After college I might be interested in studying apologetics. Where should I apply?

I look forward to your response.

Tom said...

Wow. !()/V\PK1/N is wise beyond his years. That was a really insightful response for anyone, let alone a 15 year old.