Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"Let the whole earth be silent before Him"

The Constructive Curmudgeon fought the good fight in this election and lost abysmally. Some of you will gloat; I will lament and go silent indefinitely.

But I will return...


Steve Schuler said...


I am pleased that Obama is going to be the next President of our United States. I am not gloating. John McCain is a man I have had, and continue to have, great respect for. I heard his concession speech this evening via internet, (whatever our differences I share your aversion to television). I was moved to tears. I take no pleasure in John McCain's defeat in this election. I hope you were able to hear his speech. We, as Americans all, must work together at this point to move forward. No doubt we face many challenges in the years to come. I hope we can all find some common ground and shared concerns that allow us to come together to begin to solve the many challenges we will face.

Jenn said...

Hi Doug,
I am weeping with you. I posted my own lament on my blog at jenngrace.blogspot.com. If nothing else, this election has definately reignited in me a fire to pray and I feel it will continue to be strong in my life. Thank you for your voice of truth.

pennoyer said...


Something really struck me some years ago - I think it was the evening of Clinton's first election. It is that "the United States is not the Kingdom of God." I already knew this in my mind, but at that moment God really brought it home to my spirit. It is completely right that we labor for justice and righteousness in the country in which we live - as you have been laboring. But in the end our hope is not in the USA. The USA is, after all, just a country - even if it is (as I believe) the best country on earth based largely on the wisdom given our founding fathers. Countries come and go but the Kingdom of God remains forever. And I guess we can be thankful (given the fickle electorate) that the Kingdom of God is not a democracy and Jesus never asked for our vote!

I'm not saying anything you don't already know, but I hope you will take this as encouragement to keep pressing on for truth as God gives you opportunity and strength.


Claude said...

I am forever indebted to you for having clarified the important moral issues a Christian must be aware of when voting for a candidate.

I'm grateful for 3 days of prayers in communion with many concerned Christians.

The Lord is King. I will continue to pray asking Him to help and sustain all of you in your fight against the evils of abortion.

What cannot be done by legislation will be done by reaching people, one by one, with the love of Christ.

Thank you for your continued spiritual leadership.

David said...

On the bright side, there were several pro-marriage measures that were passed yesterday, most notably Proposition 8 in California.

Also, here in Arkansas we passed a measure that would only allow married couples to adopt children.

So there are pockets of hope, it seems.