Saturday, November 01, 2008

For Amendment #48

[It looks as if neither The Rocky Mountain News nor The Denver Post is going to publish my letter to the editor. So, I publish it myself.]

Dear Editor:

Amendment Forty-Eight restores constitutional protect to persons from the moment of conception. Any society must be morally judged on the basis of how it treats the most dependent and voiceless in its midst: the handicapped, the homeless, and the unborn. Confusions to the contrary, there is no doubt that the embryo is a human being; this is truism biologically. Members of species beget members of that same species. Moreover, human embryos have a full genetic code from conception. To treat them any less than persons with the moral and legal right not to be murdered is to make dependency, level of development, location, or size determinative of moral worth, which is absurd. For these reasons, I encourage Coloradans to vote for Amendment Forty-Eight, so that "the least of these" in our midst are given the legal protection that they deserve.

Douglas Groothuis

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