Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bishops Oppose Obama on Abortion

Catholic bishops plan to forcefully challenge Obama's abortion views. Unlike so many evangelical leaders, the bishops understand this issue and its implications. If the Freedom of Choice Act goes through, hospitals that refuse to perform abortions may be closed down. Yes, things may get that severe under the pro-abortion extremism of Obama. I warned you about this before.


Rudolf van der Berg said...

According to CDC statistics on Abortion, there has been a steady decline in the absolute amount of abortions since 1990 (3%/year). This trend continued regardless of whether there was a Republican or a Democrat in the White House. It seem like there is no influence of whether the president is pro-choice or pro-life on the number of abortions in the United States.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't be pro-choice, it does challenge whether the President has any effect on it.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

Untrue. O is far more radical than any previous president on this, as I have pointed out countless times.

ChrisB said...


The decline in abortion in the early Clinton years can be attributed to state laws (eg, parental consent).

Those laws would be undone by FOCA just like federal ones like the partial birth ban.

a said...

Time will tell whether Rudolf or Dr. Groothuis is correct. I don't think that it is wise to speak too strongly about the unknown.

If 4 years we can look at the data and see who's correct and whoever is wrong can eat their words.

Do you agree to eat your words if you are wrong Rudolf?

Do you agree to eat your words if you are wrong Dr. Groothuis?

Rudolf van der Berg said...

Sounds like a plan !()/V\PK1/N !!

I would like to point out that I am not planning to make it a literal promise. Bob Metcalfe made it painfully clear that that's not smart. :-)