Monday, November 17, 2008

New Organization to Resist Obama. From what I can tell, it looks solid and necessary

I am not going to sit by silently as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi
and Harry Reid re-make our nation in their liberal image.

That's why I just joined a grassroots conservative effort to
RESIST Obama's liberal agenda. Please go here to join with me:


Douglas Groothuis


Jerry said...


You say that this looks "solid and necessary". While I am pretty much convinced tht it is necessary, who is behind this that makes it solid? I want to make sure that I don't put my approval on a group that would dishonor Christ or violate my conscience.


a said...

Don't join them! If you read the website it is full of ridiculous claims full of misleading jargon designed to parody the right and to make easy money. It is actually run by moderates who simply want to huckster expensive pamphlets laughing all the way to the bank. It is a marketing gimmick designed to eviscerate the fears of the angry.

The same company (underneath a maze of shell companies) designs "impeach Bush", support our troops, Coexist, "End of the World" insurance, etc... bumper stickers.

Snopes has already discussed this group as one more manifestation of for-profit demagogury.

Kevin Winters said...

And how often have predictions made by others about widespread changes and national destruction from the inside ever happened? I imagine you are not the first to predict such incredible catastrophies when a president takes office, but do they ever actually happen?

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

The guy with the ridiculous name/noname:

You have to substantiate this. WHo is Snopes. What is "for-profit demogogery," anyway--companies that make a profit and have a political perspective?

I am as yet not convinced of what you say, but am open to more evidence.

Jerry said...

I have done some more digging, and it appears that the folks over at FreeRepublic have mixed emotions over this group:

I think that I have enough sources of information concerning the current state of affairs that I will not sign up at this time.