Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bill Ayers is Back: Book Tour and NPR

William Ayers is back in the spotlight. There is no surprise there. He was told to shut up until after the election. Now, he is promoting a new book--and NPR is there spin it up on "Morning Edition" today.

They mention that he was "a member of the Weather Underground." That's it. Well, what did said group stand for? This: the destruction of the American government. That's all. What did said group do" This: bomb buildings (among other nefarious activities) in the hope of accomplishing the destruction of the American government. Ayers has never repented of this. In fact, he said publicly he wished he "had done more."

Yet he is presented as a Professor and an expert in urban education. This is how tenured radicals (who avoided jail time) continue the Marxist revolution. They now work within the system to bring down the system. (Read Antonio Gramsci on that.) Ayers, given the American penchant for historical and political myopia, has been given a free ticket. Oh, NPR says he "circled around" tough questions at the first stop of his book tour. In response to his activism in the 1960s, he said: "Sorry, but I lived through the sixties." Ignoramuses laughed at that. No, Professor (God help us) Ayers, you were the apotheosis of everything terrible, horrible, and miserable about the sixties: the anti-Americanism, the Marxism, the wanton violence, the rooting for the Communists to win in Viet Nam (they did, thanks to you).

Welcome to Obama-land, America. I, for one, will not accept it. I will fight it with the truth. So should you.

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