Monday, May 18, 2009

Shift in Beliefs on Abortion

Gallup claims that more Americans are pro-life than pro-choice. If so, that do something about it, you supposedly pro-life people!

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Vitamin Z said...

Why is this?

Some suggestions:

1. Christians (and Muslims and Mormons) seem to be the only ones having big families anymore. Christian families will (hopefully) teach a pro-life view. When non-Christians show negative population growth from not having many kids and Christian, pro-life teaching families have two or more kids, over time this has to tip the scales somewhat.

2. Could it be that all the attention Obama's radical pro-choice views have garnered have contributed to more conversations being had and more pro-choice views being challenged? I know it has certainly caused me to be increasingly more vocal than I used to be.

3. Sadly, I think this reason could be more telling. Before the election, I talked to many people who would identified themselves as pro-life Christians who also told me they were voting for Obama. So simply because people say they are pro-life doesn't mean that we are on our way to having it be legally banned.

I am encouraged, but cautious.