Sunday, May 17, 2009

Deepak Chopra: The Wrong Jesus

My student and recent graduate of Denver Seminary's Philosophy of Religion Masters Degree, Robert Schmidt, has written a fine review of an egregiously bad book, The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra. These are very old and very bad chops by Chopra. Nevertheless, he is terribly popular and needs to be refuted, since the gospel itself is at stake (see Galatians 1:6-11).


Jordan said...

Good review, it seemed like the book got the treatment it deserved from the Christian community.

I saw Chopra's book in a bookstore yesterday. Each time I browse the 'Religion & Spirituality' section in a secular bookstore, I worry about those who are curious about Jesus and who go there seeking resources to find out more about orthodox Christianity. Sadly, in these sections one can find N.T. Wright next to Bart Ehrman, and C.S. Lewis next to Chopra. I can only hope that those wanting to know more about Jesus will select the right book, instead of ones like Chopra's which lead people astray.

pennoyer said...

Well written review! Your former student Robert Schmidt has almost produced a piece of literature here, absolutely demolishing the position of Chopra along the way. Very informative.


Robert Velarde said...

Thanks for the link to the review. My favorite "Chopraism" remains his interpretation of John 1. He claims the "Word" in the passage could very well be "Om" (as in meditation).

I have an upcoming feature article on Chopra due out in Christian Research Journal, or see my chapter on him in Examining Alternative Medicine (IVP, out of print, but available as a free download).

Daniel said...

Excellent review, pathetic words once again from Chopra.