Monday, May 04, 2009

The Death of Jack Kemp (link fixed)

Jack Kemp, long-time congressman and vice-presidential candidate with Bob Dole in 1996, has died. Kemp made an unsuccessful bid to be the Republican candidate for President in 1988. I supported him.

National Right to Life has written a short eulogy to Mr. Kemp, who was staunchly pro-life. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Kemp in 1999 when I spoke for a Board retreat for Prison Fellowship. One morning, he greeted me in his gravely voice by saying, "Good morning, Doctor!" I got a kick out of that. He was an enjoyable person to talk with. His wife served on the Board of Prison Fellowship.

Given the leftward slide toward authoritarianism, statism, and socialism, we need more men and women like Jack Kemp as political leaders. How Long, O Lord?

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CPCC Pastor said...

Dr. G. Your link on the write-up has a glitch you may want to fix.

Thanks for this, though. I hope more is said in larger forums in the days ahead.