Monday, May 18, 2009

Creator's Cafe

For the Christian the arts can be a source of joy, a symbol of the creativity that marks the mannishness of man, man himself being made in the image of God the creator. For the Christian artist the sky is not the limit. Because he can distinguish between reality and illusion, he is the one whose imagination can "fly beyond the stars."--Francis Schaeffer, Art and the Bible.

Humans are sub-creators under God. Made in God's image, we bring our inner world to bear on the outer world through, song, poetry, painting, architecture, gardens, novels, and more. Sadly, much of mass-produced postmodern life siphons the creativity out of our souls and bodies. Instead of making and experimenting, we consume and adjust our entertainment preferences, thinking that this is creative...when it is merely agile and over-agitated consumption.

But there is more--right here in Denver. Creator's Cafe is a place to hear live music performed by in-the-flesh human beings. It also displays art by local young people, struggling to find their way after severe trama. Tony Lombardo recently visited and wrote a review of this unique place and its redeeming concepts.

It is not to late. You can still create culture and welcome the creations of others--even with our iPod and cell phone off and your laptop closed. I hope to see you there.

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Emily said...

I am currently reading Schaeffer's Art and the Bible before I pass it on to an artist friend of mine. The suffocation of creative ambition is indeed becoming more and more obvious in our hyperconsumerist "postmodern" society. Another helpful educational book concerning this trend is The Trouble with Paris, by Mark Sayers - very eye-opening.

The Creator's Cafe sounds fantastic. We need one in Dallas! I would much rather spend time with my genuine fellow creators than with my laptop!