Tuesday, May 19, 2009


For the sake of the King of Kings and his eternal Kingdom, take Christian truth so seriously that you consistently and over a lifetime apply your resources to understanding it, explaining it, declaring it, defending it, and applying it. Enter the world of ideas with a deep knowledge of the truth, from which flows a confident and courageous defense of Christianity before the watching world. Seize upon opportunities to make the Gospel known as much as your wisdom and maturity allows. Always depend on the Holy Spirit for the requisite character, knowledge, and rationality for this grand task.

In other words, "Take it to the streets," In Jesus’ name.


Ben said...

Oh my goodness, Dr. Groothuis, I'm so sorry to have misspelled your name. But I wanted those who follow my blog to read that inspiring statement. I was horrified when I saw who'd commented.

Actually, I was editing a post on the new missing link when you commented. I noted Berlinski's comments on the comparability between the realiability of mathematical physics and evolution.

I'd be interested in your comments on that post.

Thanks again for correcting the post. And by the way, is it appropriate to take your post as I did with (what I hope was proper attribution)? I'm quite new at the blog thing.

Anonymous said...


Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...


It is fine to take material from my blog and put it on your's, as long as you cite the source.

Where is the Berklinsky post?

Ben said...

Dr. Groothuis,

It's the latest at the top of the blog. I noted the fact that one of the experts studying the find admits that most of the available specimens are so broken and fragmentary that there is almost nothing to study. I thought that was a stunning admission on the state of human evolutionary research.

By the way, I'm trying to follow your footsteps in philosophy. I just finished my first semester at FSU. They are now number 1 in the world in free will and action theory studies. They now have on faculty, Al Mele, Randy Clarke, and my favorite, Michael McKenna. I came in w/ only 2 real philosophy classes behind me and now am competing against people who are already writing dissertations. It's been a challenging semester, but God has delivered me. I am praying about next semester already.

You, among others, have profoundly inspired me to apply the best of my mind for the glory of God. I hope I can advance the cause of Christ as you have. God bless you Dr. Groothuis.


Jeremy said...

I'm very proud of several people in my church. Three or so have not been Xns for very long but are very interested in learning about the truth. They have taken some initiative and have started taking correspondence courses offered by my denomination (AG). The courses are all college level too. These parishoners are serious!

Yossman said...

Amen, amen, amen! I am trying to do so with all my might, thanks to your and other people's example. We are witnessing a culture war in which Spirit-inspired knowledge is one of the most significant weapons at our disposal.

Paul D. Adams said...

This is a sobering exhortation.

It's the application of and submission to God's truth that I find most challenging. Deuteronomy 30:11-20; John 13:17.

"Lord, put it in us to be the kind of people worthy of your name."

Anonymous said...

You are sounding an awful lot like the great preacher C.H. Spurgeon. That, of course, is a good very thing!

Daniel said...

Was the end of your excellent charge for Christian thoughtfulness/action also inspired from the Doobie Brothers classic "Takin' it to the streets"??? Perhaps. :)

Steve Moore said...

I love your statement Doug. For the sake of the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords, as well as our very own souls, let us become intoxicated with and share Truth. His glory. The beauty, that is our Royal Lover. And the profound ramification that everything and idea that is good and wonderful and right stems forth from his altogether lovely nature and character.