Saturday, October 27, 2012

Young Voters, Unite and Loose Your Ignorance

Young voter, please consider:

1. You were emotionally manipulated to vote for Obama. Most of you did not know the issues and did not understand Obama's ideology: far left, anti-colonialist, anti-American exceptionalism.
2. You were won over by an almost entirely pro-Obama mainstream media. You did not seek out alternative views.
3. You loved the "hope" theme; but you should now see that long-term unemployment, fantastic debt, an expanding federal government intent on taking away your freedoms (particularly economic and religious freedom), and Obama's inability to protect our troops abroad, has shattered the dream of hope.
4. Mitt Romney may not be as "cool" (in postmodern, debased ways) as Obama. Get over it. What counts are:

(a) Character. The man has donated all his pay for holding office back the government he served. He does not seal most of his past, as does Obama.

(b) Track record: Romney saved the Olympics, got bipartisan support in MA and is a successful businessman: meaning he created thousands of jobs.

(c) Political Philosophy: Romney is far more American (in the best way) than Obama, who is anti-American. He supports our founding ideals, found in the Declaration and Constitution. Read them some time. 75% of college grades cannot explain the purpose of the First Amendment. That is part of the reason they voted for Obama.

I could go on, but I urge you, I implore you, to not just sit out the vote, but to vote for Romney-Ryan. If you like youth and hope combined, look to Paul Ryan: a brilliant and knowledgeable, and honorable man.

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Mike Aubrey said...

Doug, I'm from Canada. Help me out here. Exactly what is good about American Exceptionalism. To be perfectly frank, it sounds absolutely horrible and arrogant.

But that doesn't fit with what I know about you and your writings, so I can only assume that I'm missing some hugely important aspect of the issue. Perhaps you could help me out here and explain exactly what you mean by the phrase.

Perhaps that would be worth a blog post of its own?