Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Darwinism against science

The Darwinian paradigm, with its exorcism of intelligent causes, may in fact retard scientific pursuits in some areas. As mentioned in the previous chapter, Darwinists believed that much of DNA is “junk” (nonfunctional) because it is the remains of previously functioning DNA from earlier stages of evolution. This would fit the Darwinist model. However, one who believes the genetic code was designed, would have more incentive to scientifically investigate whether or not this DNA is truly junk, since the assumption would be that it probably serves some purpose. The same holds true for supposedly vestigial organs, as discussed in the previous chapter. As noted in the previous chapter, Darwinian anthropologists have repeatedly been too eager to confirm human evolution and have jumped to unreasonable conclusions. Moreover, a plethora of scientists have been fruitfully motivated to find design patterns in nature precisely because of their antecedent belief that some design was forthcoming.

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