Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vote Obama, if...

Vote Obama (or throw away your vote on a third party), if you like:

1. More regulation of the auto industry: smaller, more dangerous cars; the feds tell them what to make and not make, not the market.
2. Higher gas and oil prices, since O doesn't like to drill into the sacred mother earth (at least in the US).
3. More attacks on US citizens abroad, since O does little to protect our own embassies and is cutting back the military.
4. Sustained high unemployment, since Keynesianism never produces new jobs (except for the bureaucrats).
5. If you want to pay for abortions and Obama appoint 2-3 pro-abortion Supreme Court justices.
6. If you support same-sex marriage and think that humans define what marriage means. If so, anything goes.
7. If you want less religious liberty.
8. You want Joe Biden a heartbeat from the presidency.

If not, Vote: Romney-Ryan.

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