Saturday, October 20, 2012


Facts on the ground: Election 2012.

1. Obama cannot run on his record; it is awful. People are waking up to this.
2. His ads are unfair and take Romney out of context.
3. He relies on nonsense mantra such as "you want the rich to play by a different set of rules." He never, ever explains what this means, because it is nothing but baseless class envy.
4. The major media are biased toward Obama, even the debate moderators. Notice this, please.
5. No Christian should vote for Obama. He is against religious liberty (the HHS mandate), against the unborn (tax-payer support for abortion), he does not know how to manage money: consider the debt. The Bible says, "The borrower is the slave to the lender." Do we want to be slaves to communist China?
6. Obama is not on the side of the poor. He wants to spread money around through the state. This does not empower people, but makes them dependent and fosters an entitlement mentality: the opposite of a biblical ethic.
7. His vice president (one breath away from the presidency) is an abject buffoon and radically incompetent.
8. He does not protect Americans abroad in our own embassies.
9. He is gutting the military in an increasingly dangerous world. Our enemies understand strength. They will not change if we are "nice" to them. They lick their chops and lunge for more power over us.
10. Vote for Romney-Ryan. They believe in a saner approach to civil government; they will deal with the debt; they will cut spending; they will support the military; they will be far more pro-life than Obama, who is the most aggressively pro-abortion and infanticide president in our history.

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