Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fourteen Liberal Lies

Many liberal lies (off the top of my head, but deep in my soul)

1. Conservativism is bad for the poor. No it creates opportunities and happiness through achievement (see Arthur Brookes).
2. The rich are rich because the poor are poor. No the rich create jobs and services and give away much money to charity. Bill Gates: 28 billion.
3. The poor are better served by the state than by private and chu
rch charities. Bureaucracies glog up everything; all state aid must be religiously neutral.
4. If you are nice to your sworn enemies, they will be nice in return. Yes, they love that jugular vein.
5. Progressive taxation means people "paying their fair share." No, you are unfairly taxing them at a higher rate. The OT civil government supported a flat tax.
6. No one is pro-abortion, not even those who support abortion on demand and want tax money to pay for it. No, you are encouraging abortion at every turn.
7. Capitalism is based on greed. No it is based on achieving in a free market according to industry and hard work.
8. Green energy must be pushed at all costs. No, it has been a disaster, a liberal (pot) pipe dream.
9. Anyone who criticizes Islam is islamophobic--a mental disorder. No, consider its history and the number of terrorists named Mohammad (or similar Islamic names).
10. The Constitution is a "living document" (meaning that progressives can manipulate it any way they want).
12. Heavily taxing "the rich" will help the economy. No, it decapitalizes them, thus taking away jobs and services and tax revenues.
13. Individuals should not take credit for accomplishments; without the omnicompetent state, they could do nothing. "You didn't make that." No, it is the man working in a free community, working hard and smart that achieves much.
14. If the private sector is not doing X well, the state will do better. This is just absurd if you think about it.
15. Enough for now.

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