Wednesday, October 03, 2012

A Vote for Obama


A vote for Obama is a vote for:
1. Abortion on demand. 50,000,000 have already been killed.
2. Tax supported abortion. That means you.
3. Limiting the free exercise of religion, since O's secular laws will conflict with the religious conscience of many.
4. America being humiliated globally as he cuts the military. Think of the non-response to our embasasies being trashed and our people killed.
5. Huge, staggering debt, mortgaging our future and that of generations
6. State take-over of health care. This is worse for the poor and everyone else. Quality goes down, scarcity increases. The federal government is already broke.
7. A man of intense arrogance, a poor work ethics, and overweening pride as President.
8. More unemployment as the state increases power.
9. More people on food stamps, which encourages dependence and sloth.
10. Same-sex marriage as normative at all levels of life.
11. Rising energy costs as he pursues idiotic "green" solutions that solve nothing. Think: Solyndra.
12. I could go on. If so, how can you go to the voting booth and chose against America, goodness, and truth?

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