Monday, September 28, 2009

Arguing with Idiots

Glen Beck's new book strikes me as pathetic and silly. The cover is infantile, as is the title. The text (what there is of it) is littered with silly graphics and call-outs everywhere. It is more of a picture book than a piece of prose. To oppose the dangerous Obama statist/internationalist/defeatist agenda we need something much more serious than this.

Or am I missing something?


Jason Gardner said...

I've not read or seen this book (aside from promos), but Beck is an odd bird. Unfortunately, his good points are often overshadowed by his goofy shenanigans.

Tim Keeney said...

Dr. Doug, considering the current "dumbed-down" state of this pathetically ignorant,juvenile.. and arrogant culture, I would suggest Mr. Beck present his next tome in the "scratch and sniff" format.
This,of course, would be countered by comrade Peloskya with an attempt toward additional necessary provisions in the forthcoming re-birth of the "Fairness Doctrine".
Coming soon to a Congress near you.

pennoyer said...
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Anonymous said...

I once accidentally watched a couple nanoseconds of his "show" and was so immediately repulsed by his narcissistic mugging for the camera and obvious self-worship, I couldn't imagine anyone taking him seriously, much less enjoying his infinitely arrogant electronic presence. Thank you for being critical of your fellow conservatives--this guy is a wanker and a half.

pennoyer said...

On this I'm going to have to disagree with you and some of your responders, Dr. Groothuis.

Beck is a serious thinker who happens to have a good sense of humor and the ability to reach a wide audience. I believe he is addressing issues of great urgency here in the USA. No, he his not an academic, but we need more than academics to help turn around this big-government juggernaut and return us to constitutional principles.

If you want strict prose sans illustrations, you might want to check out his recent Glenn Beck's Common Sense. But strict prose is not Beck's medium. The graphically rich texts like Arguing with Idiots (which I have seen but not yet read) and his earlier An Inconvenient Book are designed to BOTH entertain and inform. In that way they mirror his radio shows.

In any case, remember the old adage that it is best not to judge a book by its cover! And I might add (c'mon Tony!) that you can't judge a radio show by a couple of nanoseconds.

- Ray

Daniel said...

Mr. Lombardo, what were you doing watching TV in the first place???

Lin said...

Beck is hurting us. He will crash and burn looking for more sensational material. And in the end, he will have helped Obama.