Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Doug Groothuis Podcast

RealApologetics did a short informal interview with me that is now posted. It is about 25 minutes long.

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havoc said...

Before I listened to Jamin's interview with you, I went back in his archives and listened to the first six or seven of his podcasts so I would know where he was coming from.

I found it rather amusing and frustrating that Jamin sees himself as the pinnacle of apologetics because, after all, he is a presuppositional apologists, while "people like Doug Groothuis" are evidentialist apologists. Being an evidential apologist dishonors God, you know? As I reflected on the broken logic, it struck me as most amusing that after making the claim that presuppositionalist apologetics is the "only God honoring" apologetic, Jamin would then list some verses from the Bible.... huh? That would be evidence, wouldn't it?

When I skipped to the interview with you, I was very disappointed that Jamin seemed to more interested in talking to you than in listening to you. I enjoyed the small parts of the interview that I did get to listen to you, though. I always appreciate your thoughtfulness and your graciousness.