Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brigitte Gabriel at Colorado Christian University

Brigette Gabriel was bought up in Lebanon when it was peaceful and democratic. Her life was shattered with Muslims bombed her Christian city. She was severely injured and lived for several years in a bomb shelter. She eventually left her beloved country when Muslims took over and made life for Christians impossible. She spent several years in Israel as a television news anchor (she is stunningly attractive as well as articulate) before making America her adopted country.

On Friday, September 11, Colorado Christian University brought Ms. Gabriel to their campus to speak on Islamic terrorism. As a Fellow of the Centennial Institute, I was invited to a reception in which she passionately spoke of her commitment to expose the goals that Islam has on America through her organization, ACT for America.

She later addressed several hundred people, telling her story, the history of Islam (a masterful summary in about five minutes), and explained the Islamic strategy to impose sharia (Islamic) law worldwide and, yes, in America. She claimed that many mosques has terrorist ties and that they were actively advocating the gradual imposition of sharia law. This is well advanced in Europe and in some parts of the US, such as Dearborne, Michigan, where the Muslim call to prayer is blasted over loudspeakers in public streets. Muslims have developed state school curriculum to proselytize for Islam.

I could go on, but suffice to say that Ms. Gabriel is a compelling and courageous figure. She sports a remarkable personal story, speaks nearly flawless English with a distinguishing Lebanese accent, is gifted with boundless energy, and is a true patriot for her adopted country. I hope you will visit her web page, join her organization (which lobbies for national security with respect to the Islam threat from within and without), and read her two books: Because they Hate and They Must be Stopped, both New York Times bestsellers. I plan on using one of these when I teach Christian Ethics next term at Denver Seminary.

Police protection was provided for her talk at Colorado Christian University. You can imagine why. She needs your prayers as well. I provided the concluding prayer the night that she spoke and prayed Psalm 91:1-2 on her behalf, among other things.

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