Thursday, September 03, 2009

From the Summer-Fall, Denver Seminary Magazine

Endowed Graduation Award in honor of Dr. Gordon Lewis and Dr. Doug GroothuisIan Colle (‘09 M.A. in Philosophy of Religion) has established an endowed graduation award to honor Gordon Lewis, senior professor of Christian philosophy and theology, and Doug Groothuis, professor of philosophy. Colle says, “Some of the greatest moments of inspiration I received as a student at Denver Seminary were in classes taught by Dr. Lewis and Dr. Groothuis. At first glance, we knew students might have easily overlooked these seemingly mild-mannered professors of philosophy. Little did any of us know that we were about to begin learning at the feet of battle-hardened warriors in the fight against the powers of evil. They taught us that ideas have consequences and that intellectual warriors must join the fight by being able to defend their faith with sound arguments. Holing up in our Christian compound and ignoring what was going on in the world around us was never an option. Both men teach with a passion for the objective truth of Christianity and for equipping future leaders to defend that truth. By creating this endowment, I hope to ignite that passion in future generations of philosophers from Denver Seminary and ensure they remember the great shoulders upon which they are standing.”

This award will be given at graduation to an outstanding philosophy of religion student. Colle encourages all students and alumni impacted by these two professors to make additional gifts to support this award fund. To make a gift, please contact Brian Fort at 303.762.6924 or, or send a gift directly to the Office of Advancement, noting that your gift is for the Lewis/Groothuis graduation award fund.

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What a nice idea! Congratulations.