Monday, September 14, 2009

Dan Brown, the Icky Poo, and Rapid Cultural Response

The Lost Symbol will be released Tuesday. It has already been reviewed by The NY times. It is one of the "icky poo" books I must read given my line of work and calling, just as I read The Da Vinci Code. I encourage Christian thinkers and writers to take this book seriously and present a logical and Christian response to it wherever you can. Brown will present a pop-occult worldview that will further deceive and confuse people who do not know how to address it (which includes most American Christians, sadly). I hope to write a review of it when I can (sooner rather than later, given the lightning-fast nature of culture these days).


pgepps said...

I read the execrable Da Vinci Code (aside from everything else: a Harvard "symbologist"? really?) for similar reasons. I find it impossible to believe that he's come up with anything sufficiently interesting and credible to bother with reading another of his books. I find ridicule an adequate answer to his "claims."

Yossman said...

The Da Vinci Code was one of the books that got me back to apologetics. I started reading it hoping to enjoy myself but noticed myself getting angry at the hidden motives behind the book.