Saturday, September 05, 2009

Air Apologetics

You have heard of "air guitar" or "air drums." One imitates playing a musical instrument, usually with histrionic excess (rock style). But, of course, one cannot play these instruments (typically). One merely pretends, usually with narcissistic abandon.

Sadly, many Christians play "air apologetics"--they pretend to defend Christianity in the face of unbelief, but really only pretend to do it by relying on cliches or talking superficially only among themselves.

What can be done? Repent and strengthen the things that remain, for the Kingdom is at hand and were are audited by Eternity.


Danny Wright said...
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Daniel said...

I confess to air drums and air guitar. But it's pure altruism. Believe me, in my personal pain and discomfort those who witness are indeed blessed! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the illustration. I'll be using it this Sunday as I teach a class to our high school students on arguments for the existence of God.