Sunday, July 19, 2009

Solid Grounds Coffee House

The postmodern world is very technologically "connected" (I hate that word), but suffers from systemic loneliness. We have few truly public places for discussion and serendipity. We are so busy yelling into cell phone, checking text messages, or playing video games in the virtual world that we often fail to listen and speak to each other unmediated.

However, a few such places can be found amidst the postmodern desert. One of them is Solid Grounds, a coffee shop in Littleton, Colorado. (6504 S. Broadway.) The atmosphere is warm, friendly, and interesting. You can purchases a "bottomless" coffee (in a real, non-plastic cup) for about a dollar. The coffee is good, far better than Starbucks. Moreover, it seems to be a place where people linger and converse. The background music is not obtrusive and has been enjoyable the three times I have been there.

Solid Grounds is owned and run by South Fellowship. The manager, Mike Lasswell, tells me that their mission is to provide a public meeting place for Littleton where people can be served and loved. Some low-key outreach events may be in the offing there as well. You will learn of it here when it happens.


David Strunk said...

Some friends and I, since graduating from seminary, wanted to keep our love of learning alive. We decided we'd read historic Christians authors of works at least 50 years ago or older in a book discussion format. We've found solid grounds to be an amiable place to have those enlightening discussions.

Daniel said...

I also noticed the few times I've been there that the second you walk in the door you are not bombarded with a plethora of stuff to buy (like at Starbucks). When you walk in it seems as though they care more about your presence and experience there communing with others, with the point of buying anything as an after-thought. Great place.