Sunday, July 05, 2009

Media Analysis by Eric Goodman at Denver Seminary

I have recommended the video, "Thus Spake the Spectacle" on this world-famous blog. The creator of the video noticed and asked if he could present something at Denver Seminary. So, we will have Eric Goodman present the following on July 7 at 7:00PM in room 120 at Denver Seminary. The event is free, but will make you think. There will be time for discussion as well.

Thus Spoke The Spectacle:
Media, Technology, and the Co-option of the Sacred

Eric Goodman is a musician and videomaker living in New York City. He is a graduate of Cornell University, where he led off the first annual "MIDI Madness" Digital Music Festival. He has studied electronic music, music composition, video production and film scoring at Cornell and the Center for the Media Arts. His project of conceptual music videos, Thus Spoke The Spectacle, fuses original compositions, video clips, and narration from the fields of media studies, literature and philosophy. Drawing upon a wide range of theories, the project explores the meaning and effects of our corporate-controlled, media-saturated, technological society.

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