Thursday, July 16, 2009


Since the voice of the people is the voice of God (vox populi, vox dei), and since technology gives us instant feedback, we announce:

Each week member of DemocraChurch vote on the sermon topic (including video clips), worship songs, skits, and church activities. This is tabulated by a computer program and presented to the church staff (who come up for re-election each month). The service is based on the voting and every week is different! You even vote on the hair style and clothing of the pastor and worship leader!
It is totally relevant, just-in-time church. It empowers the congregation to be as comfortable as possible at all times. No authority above the voters! No challenges to conform to old-age, worn out ideas. No dull theology!
With DemocraChurch, you can receive an automatic email telling you what the voting results are for each week. If you don't like the line up, just stay home! Or, if there are several DemocraChurch's in your city, chose the one that suits you best.

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