Sunday, July 26, 2009

Of Skunks On Line

After my first book was published, I was getting some vicious and irrational criticism from a speaker. I asked Walter Martin for his advise. (He had endorsed the book.) He said that given that this person was somewhat influential, I should send him or her a registered letter in which I rebutted all the charges, and then drop it. Then he said, "You can fight a skunk and win--but who wants to?"

I have not aways lived up to that sage advice, but I am trying. On the Internet, there are hordes of skunks--those who take cheap shots, don't use their real names, insult without arguments, and so on. So this should be kept in mind.


:mic said...

Thanks for the reminder. Unfortunately, I already had a rather rough reminder this weekend when I called out another Christian for their blog behavior. And I've decided that there are more important things to focus on.

Michael C Thompson

pgepps said...

I like that advice. Verifiable, but not broadcast, replies to critics. Shows responsibility but doesn't turn it into a public wallow. I'll remember this--thanks!