Sunday, July 06, 2008

Read This

Bill Craig's Christianity Today cover story on arguments for God's existence is now on line.


Sam C said...


Have you read Tim Keller's recent bok The Reason for God? I've found it to be an excellent apologetic resource.

There's a clip on YouTube of Keller giving a talk at Google about his book which illustrates much of the material.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Dr. Craig neglected the Transcendental Argument for God.

Doug Groothuis said...

1. I thought Keller did a fairly good job. It is not superficial, although there are more than a few errors in documentation--small, but real.

2. Craig should have mentioned Plantinga's evolutionary argument against naturalism. The Van Til version has no real purchase in scholarly circles, though. Lewis's version, does have some, however. See Vic Reppert's work on that.

Jonathan Sherwin said...

Thanks for the tip.