Thursday, July 17, 2008

China: Look Beyond the Screen

Please read Charles Colson's commentary on the cruel realities of China that should not be forgotten during the Olympics. I, for one, will watch none of it because (1) I don't watch television (2) China, another "evil empire," should not be flattered by having these games. There are many brave underground Christians in China (read The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun), but the government is oppressive, anti-Christian, and mercenary. Of course, no one in the White House is saying this, sadly.


pgepps said...

Yes, this Olympics is a double travesty. First, because the Olympics have always been a totalitarian playground. Second, because so many are so willing to soft-peddle even recent, blatant, and significan Chinese abuses for the sake of handing them--and the typical suspects in the global elite--propaganda triumphs.

Rick said...

As one who works in China, I would like to say I agree with you on these accounts. I have no interest in the Olympics. But I would also like to add that much good is happening here, in spite of whatever flaws and negative reports are out there. Generally the media ignores the good.

When back in the States, I have often heard alarmist reports about China on Christian radio and a lot of alarmist anger. Granted there are good reasons to be angry. However, we have found that you don't change China by anger, but by coming alongside and helping them, loving them, and modeling Christ.

Many years ago, we saw great changes take place in a local orphanage in this way. But when outsiders began to point fingers and accuse China before the world, the doors to the orphanages were shut.

Just offering a different perspective. But I basically agree on the whole Olympics issue.

Katie said...

I understand your sentiment, but when western Christians raise their voices in protest to China's oppressive practices, sometimes this also produces good results, we must use wisdom depending on the issue. I appreciate your insiders perspective.

There has been much anger about the reports that China would ban bibles during the Olympics, now in response to those charges China will actually be passing out Olympic sponsored Bibles.
See the Wall Street Journal story here;

The Scottish Reslers said...

I met a fellow student who was Chinese while I was studying in Scotland who had never met a Christian before nor had held conversations with one. After coming over for Thanksgiving and other meals, she become a little more enlighten about how the world operates off of a different moral compass than her home country. She is a great sweet girl whom I pray for often. The great tragedy with Ann and with a billion other chinese is that they really believe in their government and the practices by which the government endorses (such as birth-control abortion, child labor, etc...). A strong position by the US and other countries I believe would help the chinese people to begin to ask questions.