Saturday, July 19, 2008

Given, Taken

Books unread
Prayers unsaid
Life unlived.

Gifts ungiven
Horses unridden
Poems unwritten.

Ideas gainsaid
Manuscripts unedited
Letters left for dead
Brilliance discredited.

Letters unsent
Speeches not delivered
Hearts unbent.

Thanksgiving not offered
Truth not proffered.

Beauty unkissed
Ugliness unhissed.

Too much
too little
too long
too many.

The Given
must be taken,
with appreciation,

then strongly shaken
until the music
comes bursting out.


Tony Lombardo said...

I enjoyed this. You should wax poetic (especially when waxing theologic at the same time) more often.

Doug Groothuis said...



It comes in fits and starts. I don have perhaps 10 poems on the blog over the three years.

Weekend Fisher said...

My favorite was unedited/discredited. That was inspired.

Perhaps even as good as the pair "Babylon / a table to play Scrabble on" from a popular Christian children's lyricist who writes silly songs. (You have to admit, Babylon is hard to rhyme. Though "discredited" *fits* so well ...)

Ironically, I'd just posted poetry tonight for the first time in years. Go figure.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF