Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Are Christianity and Science Compatible?

[This lecture will not be put on line because of technical problems. If you want the outline, ask me at]

My lecture at Wellspring Anglican Church is now available on line. Two parts of the talk featured DVD clips, so some of the arguments will be missing. Nevertheless, there is about 50 minutes of lecture material. I'm not sure if the question/answer time was recorded. If you'd like an lecture outline, let me know.


pgepps said...

outline, please--you have recent email from me, right?

I look forward to listening to these. I'll tentatively bet on "yes, but Scientism, no"?

Which works for me.

Faith and Family Action Coalition said...

May I please have a copy of the outline? Send to

God bless you and your ministry!

Linda said...

yes please. An outline would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Sola Gratia,

Yossman said...

Please send me the outline: yossman(at)mac(dot)com
And thank you!

rogerlynn23 said...

Yes!! I would appreciate an outline as I listen to your talk. r_erickson (at) Blessings

rogerlynn23 said...

It could very well be any number of factors but I have been unable to get it your talk to play. I can listen to the other sermons, but yours isn't working.

Yossman said...

That's correct. I have been unable to play or download the lecture.

Rich Davis said...

Having the same problem!