Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to The Constructive Curmudgeon

This blog was started almost exactly three years ago. We now have almost 900 posts, consisting of essays, book reviews, movie reviews, epigrams, epithets, aphorisms, anathemas, personal reflections, Scripture verses, quotations, parodies, poems, announcements, links, and more. Thanks to (most) who have contributed to The Constructive Curmudgeon (soon to become a major motion picture).

I solicit any reflections on these three years of blog-being. Why don't some of you lurkers come out of the digital woodwork and make a comment?


doug said...

I found my way to this blog a couple years ago after first reading your book "Truth Decay". Loved the book, and was even more surprised by your blog. I say "surprised" because I had not expected to find a curmudgeon lurking there (a kindred soul).

I have appreciated the many posts. Thank you. Though I have yet to order the TV-B-Gone, it inevitably makes it way onto my Christmas wish list. ... My wife just laughs.

May the Lord continue to bless you.

cal said...

I took an Anthropology class last fall and it was enough to alarm me into searching for the truth. My worldview was such that I just could not accept the 'scientific' explanations for God's work. Blogs like this one have cause me many deeper hours of thought and prompted searchings in God's word. I am still convinced that God as Creator is Truth, Jesus as the Way is the Truth, and the Spirit of Truth guides me and, I'm grateful to see, many others.

Thank you for your contribution to the defense of Truth through reasoning and intellectual pursuits.

havoc said...

Dr. G, you've blessed me through your curmudgeoning here. I am always glad to see a new post after a threat to walk away from this blog. God has blessed me and challenged me through you. I thank God for you!

Brian said...

I've been lurking for about a year or so now, and really appreciate the time you've taken to keep up the blog. It's definitely given me much to reflect on.

George said...

Dr. G - Thanks for all the time and energy you put into your blog. It continues to be a blessing and a challenge to me, especially with my days at seminary at an end.

Michael said...

As a long-time lurker and first time respondent (I finally created a blogger account) - thank you for your dedication to this blog. I have benefited from many posts.

pgepps said...

cheers at three!

It is always a blessing to see what's going on in the minds of other believers, and to interact as we seek to articulate God's love in this world.

Marc Richard said...

So I was, like, reading a few blog posts one day, and like, came across the Constructive Curmudgeon, and like, thought to myself, I have a book by this guy. Now, I like, read it, like, everyday.

Dr. G, congratulations on three years. I appreciate the challenge you throw out to Christians to use our minds.

Can I go back to lurking now?


Robert Velarde said...

All hail The Constructive Curmudgeon, for he is mighty and plentiful in curmudgeonness! Lo, his words travel through the ether, nay, through the space that is cyber. And though his foes are many, he presses on, "troubled on every side ... perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed." May those who encounter his thoughts also think deeply. For he is the patron of the curmudgeoned, the peeved, and the grumbling forever. So be it.

Jim said...

Dr. Curmudgeon,

Thank you for the time, effort, info, and humor you put into your blog. It is constructive! I hope it continues for years to come. I too am an occasional "lurker" and now a first time commenter.

Enjoyed your ontogeny of "like." There was, like, some phylogeny there too. But, like, no recapitulating. Which is good, because that would get my Haeckels up.