Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Never Give Up

The American Center for Law and Justice is preparing to fight Obama and the democrats desire to pass The Freedom of Choice Act, which could bring back the horror of partial birth abortion and strike down any restriction on abortion in all 50 states. Consider supporting the ACLJ cause with prayer and money. Do it for "the least of these."

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Luke said...

Dr. Groothuis, I have supported the pro-life cause with both prayer and my time and finances, but am not fond of the ACLJ.

In my experience they seem to regularly blow things out of proportion and rage against the "infringement of Christian rights" in areas where there is not necessarily an issue.

For instance, a couple of years ago they were blasting away about military chaplain's ability to pray in Jesus' name. They said it was not going to be allowed anymore, etc, and were really whipping up a furor. This was not the case. I was in ROTC at the time and am currently an Army Chaplain Candidate so I can personally attest to this.

It seems to me that they regularly blow things out of proportion in order to make issues seem larger or more dangerous than they really are. This could be for several reasons not the least of which is to gain listeners or financial support. They've lost credibility in my mind.

I would be more apt to support a group like Family Research Council which seems to play less on people's emotions and fears while still working to protect life and family values.