Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Darwinism and Intelligent Design in America Today

For Darwin's 200th birthday, please read this fine editorial in US News and World Report.


Daniel said...

I saw a special on PBS last night talking about Lincoln. They had a guy on there who wrote some book about how incredible it is that Lincoln and Darwin had the same birthday. In his thinking, they are "so much alike", referring to freedom and liberties and progress.

Apparently what this author neglected was worldview; of which Lincoln and Darwin could not be further apart. It's all about the WHY people want freedom, liberties and progress.

PrinceOfFools said...

There are lots of fierce rebuttals to this article where the use of logical fallacies run rampant. Some notable ones are Poisoning the Well and Ad Hominem. What are your thoughts about the contention of a lack of "peer reviewed" articles on ID?