Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tiptoe Through the Tulip

The Dutch rethink their Calvinist heritage!


Yossman said...

I very much doubt if this is really a rethinking of our Calvinist Heritage. I'd rather say that people like to play with words. They 'd say for instance that feeling guilty for enjoying something luxurious is due to our Calvinist past.

There is absolutely no rethinking of Calvinism as such and no effort to understand what Calvinistic faith is all about. There is a vague sense however that we as a Dutch society are suffering from a severe loss of morality.

All that I see is a possible move in the direction of moralism and legalism. Imposing stricter rules without any moral foundation.

Yet I do admire our prime minister for putting this issue on the agenda in spite of all the mockery he's had to endure. I think him to be a genuine Calvinist.

But there is absolutely nothing of a Calvinist or religious revival let alone any sense of the double meaning of tulip in your post. Rather there is moral confusion with a lot of confused politicians trying to lead the way.

Paul D. Adams said...

Thanks, Yossman. I was hoping to hear from you on this one.