Monday, May 21, 2007

Prenatal Advertizing: Mike's Adventure into the Womb of the Market

From the annuls of the Market of the Beast:

In a bold bid to beat the competition and tap into the unborn market, Mike (a global conglomerate) has launched a prenatal advertising program. Mike adds on TV, in movies, and the on Internet will now feature sounds and sights that enter the mother's system and penetrate to the developing brains of the consumers-to-be.

"No one is too little for our product," a unnamed advertising executive at Mike exuded. "Why wait until they are four or so?! It's too late; the competition may have already grabbed them. Win them in the womb and keep them until the tomb! The tots will want their thrones, their rattles, their bottles, their iPods, their anything--and we will be there to sell them."

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