Wednesday, May 23, 2007

E Finding the Love of the Universe!

I knew it was real the very first service I went to. It exceeded all my spiritual expectations.--Bob from Tampa.

I am truly in love with this group. It’s like coming home.--Jim from Denver

E Unity, you helped me find the love of the universe!--Sam from San Francisco.

These and hundreds more are finding the spiritual unity they have been desperately seeking. Many today are confused about spirituality, God, the soul, and other philosophical and theological questions. Sadly, too many people rely on word of mouth, family background, private study, and just plain luck to find a spiritual path that is right for them. No longer.

Hello, I’m Dr. Tom Mark Lauren, Director of the largest spiritual compatibility company on the planet—E From the comfort of your own computer you can find your ultimate Soul Mate, your place in Your Universe.

E Unity matches your seventeen deepest spiritual preferences with a data base of over 1500 different spiritual groups, from the Amish to Zen, from Amidha Buddhism to Zoroastrianism and everything in between. And if your PersonalSpiritualProfile™ does not perfectly fit any of our available matches, we’ll put you in contact with people whose PersonalSpiritualProfile™ fits yours so you can create your own religion or spiritual path!

Every day over 100 people are converting to the religion of their choice through the matches found on E!

Truly, this can be an everlasting love—through E


Ken Click said...

Great post, very funny.

I wouldn't be surprised to see something like it soon.

Beth said...

That was hilarious. I was laughing out loud, and suspect that I will continue for some time. Great parody, and so on the mark regarding how people view “spirituality” in our day.

danny wright said...

scratch my head-this sounds oddly familiar. I see one problem with it though' who needs a group?

D. A. Armstrong said...

So what religion does a highly analytical person match up to? Does EUnity match people up to various ages when the religion was practiced? Afterall I certainly would not be one to be matched with Contemporary Christianity.

delcom1 said...

I tried this once in a previous life but it didn't work!

Daniel said...

I actually tried to check out E, which I learned does not actually exist.

Yes, gullible is written on the ceiling :)