Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm a post human

I'm a post-human.
I'm post-normal.

I'm ashamed to age.
I'm not going to die.
I'm ashamed to die.

I'm a post-human, I am!
I'm post-moral.
I'm post-moral.
I'm post-capitalist.
I'm post-natural.
I'm even post-political.
I'm post-ecological.
I'm post-economical.
I'm a post-dated check.

I'm wired to the world.
I'm wired to the core.
I'm wired all the more.

Up, up

I'm a post-human, post-fragile.
I'll shed the clothes of bone and marrow, joint and sinew
I'll take wing on the circuit.
I'll never come back and I won't miss me because:

I'm a post-human; some-thing better; some-thing more; some-thing later...

Some-one no more.

I'm a post-dated check; the funds will come; more funds; less human; no human,
more of more, and more...

I'm post-rational, post-reasonable, post-logic, post-inference.

I'm free of all.
I'm a post-dated check.
I'm a post-human, post-mortem.

I am afraid to die.


Sir Fab said...

Why be afraid to die? All things must come to an end. We are all mortal, it's part of the cycle of life. Even as a non-believer, I am not afraid to die.

Douglas Groothuis said...

Dear Fab:

The speed poem (a new genre) was meant to capture the technological attempt to escape death (consider the transhumanist movement), which is futile. I myself am not afraid to die, because my only hope in life and death is Jesus Christ, my faithful Savior and Lord.

We need to get together and talk again this summer!


Sir Fab said...

Thanks, Prof. Groothuis. I'd like to get together again, but I know how busy you are. We can set it up via email.

Have a great weekend!