Monday, May 28, 2007

The Mouth of Bill Mahr

The American Family Association has informed me by email that the ever-acerbic and endlessly-smirking Bill Mahr has made some deeply disrespectful and distasteful comments about Christianity (again) on this TV show (which, of course, I do not watch). I would like to see Mr. Mahr debate a well-spoken and well-informed Christian philosopher in a formal debate setting concerning his rejection and distaste for Christian beliefs. Then we'll see who gets the last laugh. Yes, I am volunteering. Please call my agent.

Anyone can take a rude. crude, and lewd potshot. But who can give rational arguments?


hobie said...

So do you answer a fool according to his folly? Or not?

Douglas Groothuis said...

Proverbs says to avoid the mocker. So, being on TV with Mahr (his mocking element) wouldn't work. You'd have to get him into a serious intellectual situation. You can answer a fool by his folly by showing it to be folly--reduce it to absurdity. But you must not be full of folly yourself.